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Our Mission at Smart Paws Pet Safety & Training

Smart Paws Pet Safety & Training LLC is dedicated to educating and training pet parents and those who care for our pets in emergency first aid training and CPR for Cats and Dogs.

Smart Paws provides high quality emergency first aid training for pets in Boston MA and surrounding areas.  Smart Paws Pet First Aid & CPR training is in accordance with the American Red Cross Health and Safety training requirements and updated CPR training based on the RECOVER CPR Initiative (June 2012) by the American College of Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care and the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society.

Unfortunately, the pet care industry regulations do not require pet caretakers and pet daycare or boarding facilities to certify all staff in Pet First Aid & CPR.  Smart Paws mission is to make pet owners and pet caretakers aware of the need for this training and to raise the standard for the pet care industry.  We hope you will join us in this potentially lifesaving mission!

The goal of the Cat and Dog First Aid presentation is to teach participants how to be prepared for emergencies that involve a cat or a dog and how to protect themselves and the animal from further harm, injury or suffering during emergencies by teaching prompt, effective first aid actions and care.

Using specially designed training cat and dog manikins, participants will learn how to check vital signs, how to aid a choking animal and how to perform rescue breathing and chest compressions on a cat or dog.  Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from Smart Paws Pet Safety & Training.

NOTE: For the safety of our beloved pets, Smart Paws does not use live animals in any of its demonstrations or trainings.